bubble guppies quiz

this quiz is abowt the tv show bubble guppys. there makin me write these paragrafs so im gonna tell u a little story. here it goes! once upon a time there wuz a unicorn that climbed a rainbow. then it fell and broke its horn. then the ate it. THE END!!!

do you reely know the buble gups? or do ya just watch it sometimes and not no the detales? this quiz'll tell u if u r reely a big fan of bubil guppys. r ya reddy 2 find out how much ya no? take this quiz!

Created by: harpusrox7
  1. did mr grouper eat bubble puppy?
  2. is gil in luv with bubble puppy but not admitting it in front of his gf or mr grouper?
  3. is mr grouper fat?
  4. could mr grouper fit all the buble gupys in his mouth without passing out?
  5. does buble puppy like gil back?
  6. does molly like bubble puppy at all?
  7. who uses more slang/txt languaug me or the buble guppy caracters?
  8. would i rather difine basketball or play it?
  9. would nonny from buble gupys rather define bball or play it?
  10. wich buble gupy caracter has advansed vocab?
  11. wich buble gupy is most likely 2 cheet on sumone like in gf/bf relatienship?
  12. if bubble pup tryed eat mr grouper wat woud mr groupers reactien be?
  13. why duz nonny not like skool?
  14. wich buble gup duz not like anyone?
  15. is buble gups an r rated show? r 4 restricted(i think)
  16. is molly from bubble gups an emo?
  17. what exacly is a bubble guppy?
  18. am i funny?
  19. y is gil always late 2 skool?
  20. hoo is a better rapper deema or goby?

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