Would you rather...

This would you rather quiz has questions that are all would you rather, they have 2 choices each and there are 2 things that you can be at the end. The result depends on your answers so answer carefully!

Are you an Adventurous Risk taker or are you a shy bubble paper wrapped safety freak? That's right. i said Shy bubble paper wrapped safety freak.

Created by: Kelly
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  1. Would you rather go to school commando or have no tv for a month?
  2. Would you rather go for a walk in the woods after dark or not be able to go outside for a week?
  3. Would you rather have to eat worms or a new foreign dish?
  4. Would you rather go into outer space or school?
  5. Would you rather die instead of defending yourself or kill a person in self defence?
  6. Would you rather get your backside glued to a chair or eat worms?
  7. Would you rather meet an alien or Michael Buble?
  8. Would you rather go skinny dipping with a crowd of people near you or get locked outside your house?
  9. Would you rather have a mini cockroach stuck up your nose for a dare or accidently super glue your finger up your nose?
  10. Would you rather be a Canadian or American? (This question has no effect on your result)

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