which bubble guppy are you?

Bubble guppies is a kids show on nickelodeon or nickjr. it has 4 kids: Molly,Gil,Goby,Deema,and Nonny.It also has Gil's dog,bubble puppy,and their teaher,Mr.Grouper.But all that matters are the kids.

Which bubble guppy fits your personality?Is it one of the girls,Molly,Deema,or Oona?Or is it one of the boys,Gil,Goby,or Nonny?The bubble guppies are all awesome, but which is YOU?

Created by: natalie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like one of the guppy boys?if so, who?
  2. Do you like any guppy girls?If so, who?
  3. ur playing the closet game.you go into a closet with Gil.What do u do?
  4. what kind of high schooler are you?
  5. Which is the best bubble guppy couple?
  6. after that high shool question, who would you date?
  7. any other kind of high schooler?
  8. what color would you dye your har?
  9. you go in the closet with Molly.What do you do now?
  10. LAST QUESTION:what would you do for a kondlike bar?

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Quiz topic: Which bubble guppy am I?