Am I a psycho girl/boyfriend?

If you suspect, or have been told that you are a little off of your rocker, then this quiz is for you. Find out now if your relationship is lop sided, balanced, or just plain boring due to your behavior towards it.

Do you want to discover your true psycho self. Where do you measure on the psycho meter? All of us have a little tendency towards psychosis, especially in personal relationships. Is yours over the top or just a normal, healthy "psycho"?

Created by: Lidia of Boyfriend
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  1. Do you contact your significant other more than 5 times a day?
  2. Have you followed your boyfriend/girlfriend when they are not aware of it?
  3. Are you constantly checking their texts and/or emails?
  4. When you want something do you use manipulation tactics (i.e. crying, lying, faking illness or suicide attempts)?
  5. Are you incessantly asking probing questions of their whereabouts?
  6. For girls: Have you ever gotten pregnant on purpose?
  7. For men: have you ever faked a kidney stone? Or some other pain/illness involving the digestive tract and/or spinal region?
  8. Do you routinely get drunk and get into fights with your boy/girlfriend in public?
  9. Do their friends become quiet when you walk into the room?
  10. Finally, do you hold hands or make out/dry hump in public view?

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