Are you psycho?

There are many psycho people out there. Some of these people are completely ignorant to the fact that they are indeed psycho. This quiz puts all psycho doubters to the test. Sure it's for fun, but it will definitely tell you how you rank on the psycho scale. Maybe you're not even a bit psycho and you thought you were..or maybe you're completely psycho and just never knew it! Find out with this quiz!

Okay, so apparently you're weird because you decided to read the second paragraph. Maybe you are psycho after all, but you'll have to take the quiz in order to find out.

Created by: Liz
  1. When someone asks you how you are, your reply is...
  2. Whats your favorite color out of these?
  3. If your friend died today, would you cry?
  4. You're walking and you trip. People see and laugh. Your reaction is...
  5. You have a date and you got stuck in traffic. You're now going to be 20 minutes late.
  6. YES
  7. How do you feel right now?
  8. How old will you be in 40 years?
  9. At what age should people be allowed to drink alcohol?
  10. If bob has 10 apples and sally has 9 apples how many does sandra have?
  11. Hehehhee...
  12. I'm 99 years old today.

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Quiz topic: Am I psycho?