Senior Year Can you survive?

Your the most popular girl in school but then Lily the new girl tries to take your spot over, befriending your friends flirting with your boyfriend and hanging with your group! She's even trying out for the cheer leading squad! It's time you proved you're a real mean girl!

Do you have What it takes to rule the school? You may have to be mean and crush some losers on the way but to gain you have to lose right? Take this quiz to see what would happen to you!

Created by: juliette
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  1. It's senior year at last! You're head cheerleader dating the quarterback, you're the most popular girl at school! as you sit in class a new girl walks in wearing a prada bag high heels and designer clothes, as soon as you see her you look threatened! What do you do?
  2. She winks at your boyfriend the star quarterback! How dare she! He smiles at her and you see so do you're best friends Megan and Amanda!
  3. She sits next to Darren your boyfriend who sits behind you and starts giggling "Oh I almost forgot this is our new student Lily Partlin!" Your teacher says, she stands up and the whole class turns nows the perfect chance to...
  4. You insult her! She goes red and sits down its ON! At recess all the cheerleaders and footballers are on the popular table with you when Lily walks up! "What are you doing here?" you say, "sitting with you guys of coarse! I'm trying out for the squad!" the group starts talking but you silence them. You decide to through an insult at her back!
  5. You stand up. "Dont ever try to sit with us again OK!" You through your lunch down her t-shirt and the crowd laughs and she blushes "How could you do that to her she's new?" Darren argues you...
  6. "Jeez Darren how could you argue with your girlfriend she's like a babe!" says Michael Darren's mate and Darren pounces on him! "Don't you ever come close to my girl again! You understand? Now Leave!" Michael scurries off without a fight it's funny how people can lose all there popularity in a split second you think. I just need to...
  7. "Hey did you guys know that Lily's prada bag is fake! It's disgusting!" The girls seem really grossed out but the guys don't seem to care, it's not much but it's a start. At the end of school you're by yourself and you see Lily putting down her name for the tryouts! "Don't try, I can make you the most unpopular girl at the split of a second!" you say unsure "I'm not scared of you honey." she says and walks away calm, collective and cool. She starts to talk with your friends ans they're laughing now you turn green with envy and give them a mean face and they give her a rude comment and walk over to you!
  8. It's time for the tryouts and Lily is there! All the girls are gossiping. You're not there neither is Lily, "Hey girls, What are you gossiping about?" you ask curiously " the a...puddle?" says Kasey a cheerleader you dont believe them so you decide to say...
  9. Time fore homecoming, you still can't wait in a weeks time the cheer leading team will be revealed! You need to find a dress what do you pick?
  10. You're at homecoming at last with Darren. Lily is in the most beautiful dress you've ever seen and heaps of people are complimenting! At least Darren isn't. Oh wait yes he is! How dare he! It's almost time to announce the homecoming queen and king you walk up to Lily and say...
  11. It's the end off the quiz! Please remember to rate and comment!

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Quiz topic: Senior Year can I survive?