High School story

THIS IS ALL JUST A STORY! You are the QUEEN of the school. You have a perfect life. Perfect friends, boyfriend and your head cheerleader! It's the new school year though. Anything can happen.

And that "anything" is a little brat named "Rebecca"! Rebecca is a new student in school ready to steal everything and anything from you!! She is getting closer and closer to your friends and boyfriend. Gotta be careful and watch your back!!

Created by: mynameismynameokay!??!
  1. It's a new year and you are an eleventh grader at your high school. Last year went by PERFECT. You had the perfect boyfriend, the perfect friends, you were head cheerleader, and probably the most popular girl in the school! You are hoping this year will be just the same. There are six outfits on your bed. Which one do you choose to wear on your first day?
  2. You are at school and at your locker (top of course wouldn't wanna be stuck at the bottom!) putting your stuff away. Your best friends, Ashley and Jana, run up to you and you guys yell and hug each other. You havent seen each other since, like, forever! Just then, you realize Ashley is wearing THE SAME TOP AS YOU except in blue. OMG what do you do?!
  3. Unfortunatly, Ashley tells you the same thing. Uh-oh. Jana awkwardly watches while you two have an arguement. Lots of mean remarks later, Ashley grabs Jana's arm and yells, "Come on, let's go!" and pulls Jana away. They disappear and go upstairs. Well...you just lost two best friends in a matter of minutes. No matter, you still have TONS of other friends and an AMAZING boyfriend!! And hey, you can make new friends! Who cares what Jana and Ashley do?- Right?
  4. You walk into homeroom, and your boyfriend, Mason, is sitting there with his friends talking about sports and stuff. You didn't want to bother him, so you walk over to your other friends, Emily, Alyssa and Jamie. You guys giggled and laughed and caught up over everything you missed in the summer since you guys hadn't seen each other since 10th grade ended. Then, out of th corner of your eye, you see someone walk in...new girl! She was wearing a bright yellow tank top and short shorts. You smirk "how lame!" you think. However, the girl did have the most AMAZING hair ever as well as nice legs and curves. "If she gets better clothes, she might become more popular than me!" you think. Uh-oh!! What do you do??
  5. However, before you are about to do whatever you chose, you caught Mason, your boyfriend, staring at her like she was some model. WHAT??!?! The girl shyly smiled at him and Mason smiled back. "Hi!" you heard her say cheerfully at him. "Hey!" Mason replied back, smiling still. "You new here?" he asked her. "Yeah. I don't know my way around. I need someone to show me." the girl replied a bit too obviously. "I can do it-" Mason began. You head was about to pop. What do you do?
  6. Luckily, the new girl sees you do this and awkwardly goes to a seat in the back. Mason kisses you passionatly right in front of her, too and you show her how much in love you guys are. Then, you leave and go back to your friends. The homeroom teacher then takes attendance and announces, "And this is Rebecca Kasper!" Everybody says hi to her and claps for her. You quickly turn around and say to her an insult. What do you say?
  7. It's lunch and you're sitting with your friends. Well, Jana and Ashley were sitting at a different table, but, who needs them? You are laughing and sitting happily next to your boyfriend. Then, you see a familiar yellow shirt bobbing its way towards your table. It was Rebecca. She looked lonely and had no where to sit. Mason notices it, too and stands up and yells, "Hey, Rebecca, come sit here!" What do you do?!
  8. just wanted to throw this out there... what are you having for lunch?
  9. After lunch, you have gym. Mason is in your gym class...so is Rebecca. The gym teacher tells you to find partners. You could see Rebecca looking at Mason and raising her eyebrows. Mason smiled slightly. What do you do?
  10. It's the end of the day and you get on the bus. You havent spoken to Ashley and Jana, so you don't sit with them. You decide to sit with Mason. You walk over to the back, where he sits and get ready to cuddle with him in the backseat. You are almost there, when you see...Rebecca in the backseat with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rebecca and Mason both look at you with wide eyes and Mason stands up and says, "_______, I'm sorry! It's not what it looks like! She wasn't going to sit here, anyway! She was just waiting until everyone got on the bus so she could see all the empty seats and pick which one she wants to sit at. Honest!!" You eye him suspiciously. He has his awfully cute, "I'm soooooooo sorry" face on. What do you do?
  11. Hopefully u did the second one in the previous question cuz if you didn't, this question does exactly apply to you... As Rebecca gets up to leave, she whispers in your ear, "I'll get you for this...",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,................. BYE!!!!!!!! :D

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