Twilight: Your ground at the Forks High School...?

Of course, we all love Bella and Edward deeply, but have you ever wondered how you´d see the whole story if you were just a common teenager at the Forks High? Would you have a sympathy for their unusual relationship or would you join the anti-Bella agenda? Or you wouldn´t care at all? The result might be shocking, but where ´s the challenge otherwise? Test yourself, try to be really honest with your answers and find your true ground at the Forks High School!

Note: I used some "žserious" psychological methods (all developed by myself:D) to put this quiz together, so don´t worry if the questions don´t seem to make sense. And please don´t freak out if you end up with something you didn´t expect. I´m not that much of a psychologist! So just have fun and don´t forget to comment and share your result!

Created by: Tar_Ancalime

  1. Remember Angela, the nice and quiet girl Bella befriended at school? What was the main reason why you liked her?
  2. Do you ever imagine yourself in Bella´s place?
  3. What do you think is the most interesting thing about Rosalie´s character?
  4. You see Jacob especially as a...
  5. While Edward was gone and Bella hurting (New moon), what did you wish for most?
  6. The most significant event at the graduation party in Eclipse (for you, not for the story!) was...
  7. Mike Newton irritated you, because...
  8. What do you think was the reason why all the boys immediately liked Bella when she came to Forks?
  9. How do you feel about Charlie and his role in the story?
  10. Ben was a nice guy, but he certainly had some mistakes... Was there anything that bothered you about him?

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Quiz topic: Twilight: my ground at the Forks High School...?