How HMS are You?

HMS is a great school. A place where learning, fun, and in-school detentions are always going around=] HMS is a learning ground for middle schoolers, and you are a part of that great experience, congratulations! Woot! Yay! LALA! WEEE! HAHAHA! MOO! LALA! w00t! WEEE! GO HAVE FUN!

Students at Hazlet Middle School are organized by teams in each grade level. This team approach continues to foster both student achievement communication among faculty and staff. In addition, our students benefit from the presence of our three school counselors. SO TAKE THIS QUIZ!

Created by: anonymous=]

  1. Who is the principal?
  2. Who is the vice principal? (2 possible answers, choose one!)
  3. What are the possible "teams" that you can be on?
  4. What is the school mascot?
  5. What are the four daily lunch choices?
  6. What club does NOT exist at HMS?
  7. What subject is NOT taught at HMS?
  8. What cycle DOES NOT exist at HMS?
  9. What classroom DOES NOT exist at HMS?
  10. *HARD* What is Mr. Miller's first name? *HARD*

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Quiz topic: How HMS am I?