Are you a jealous girl ?

- There are many girls who have a boyfriend but they don't know if they are jealous . Now they have the opportunity to know if they are jealous or aren't .

- Are you jealous ? You don't if you are and you want to know ? Do this quiz now to make sur . You will know if you make a hell to your boyfriend and your entourage .

Created by: Grace-Sita
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  1. When your boyfriend go out with his friends what do you do ?
  2. When he talk with girl :
  3. You see your boyfriend playing video games with a beautiful girl :
  4. You found his phone and see his messages , he sent messages at a girl :
  5. He help a girl for his homeworks :
  6. He help a girl for her homeworks :
  7. Your boyfriend leave you for an other girl :
  8. Your ex-boyfriend is in a couple with your best friend
  9. He gave very beautiful earings to his new girlfriend
  10. He never told you i love you but he told at his girlfriend

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Quiz topic: Am I a jealous girl ?