Are They Jealous Of Me ?

Well there are many jealous people out there . For all we know you can be the one they hatin on . No worries , I luhv all my jealous haterz (: . Now you can fin out if it really is truly true if they jealous of you .

Do you think some people are jealous of you . Well thank me for making this wonerful quiz . Cuz without this quiz there is no way of finding out the truth ! .

Created by: Adrianna

  1. Do They Stare At You a lot , When Your Not Talking To Them ?
  2. Do They Roll There Eyes At You , When You Talk About Something Great You Did ?
  3. Do They Make Fun Of The Way You Look ? Even Though You Dont Look Bad At All ?
  4. Whenever You Get A Bf/Gf Do They Get Mad , Because They Don't .
  5. Do People Tend To Like You Better Than Your Friend Or Classmate ?
  6. If They Do , Do Your Friend/Classmate Get Mad At You ?
  7. Is This A Friend ? (That You Think Is Jealous Of You )?
  8. Is This Person A Classmate Or Person You Know From The Neighborhood ?
  9. Do You Like This Quiz ?
  10. Ok Buh Byeee ;D

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