Is someone jealous of you?

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Jealously is an awful emotion. It promotes unrest, threatened feelings and agitation. It's not a pleasant experience to be THE jealous person or THE victim of someone else's jealously.

However, there are many jealous people in the world. We are all human, and are all suspect to toxic emotions like this. Is there a person in your life who you think may be harbouring a secret obsession with you? You may be right! Take this quiz to find out ...

Created by: Kristine
  1. Think about someone who you suspect is jealous of you. NOTE: This quiz works best for girls who think other girls are jealous of them (mainly because I am a girl and have experience with this)
  2. Question time. Do they stare at you a lot, and how do they stare?
  3. Do they try to compete with you? Could be anything such as grades, boys, appearance, money, profession ... etc.
  4. Do you suspect they talk behind your back?
  5. Do they flirt with your crush / your boyfriend, especially when you're around?
  6. Do they do either of these things: mock you OR roll their eyes at you whenever you say something?
  7. Are you some of these things, and everyone knows it - attractive, smart, rich, popular, talented, kind?
  8. Does this person compliment or congratulate you?
  9. Do they try to "one-up" you? (For example, you have something good, but they MUST let you know that they have something better?)
  10. Do they like your photos on social media?
  11. Do you find them constantly stalking / staring / basically obsessed with you? (Think Kim K & Kanye to Taylor Swift)
  12. Do they add you on social media using fake accounts, or show any signs of trying to "keep up" with your life?
  13. Do they imitate you in anyway? (For example: copying your style, the way you talk etc)
  14. Do they use your past mistakes against you?
  15. Last of all, human intuition is the best tool. Do you believe this person is jealous of you?

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