Is your BFF jealous of you?

In this world, there are many sets of Bffs. Maybe yours is not completely loyal, genuine, or happy with you. She may be... The word every girl knows: jealous.

Is your BFF jealous? How long have you pondered on that question? Whether you really want to know or you are just taking it for fun, this quiz will help you find out!

Created by: QueenOfQuizzes

  1. Role play time! You walk into school/work with an awesome outfit. It's all planned out, with a designer skirt and everything! Does she compliment you?
  2. Does she ever one-up you?
  3. Does she ever wear a similar outfit the day after you wear it and say she wears it better?
  4. More Roleplay! You get told she is creating a secret group to take you down. Do you believe this rumor?
  5. Do you have a squad with her?
  6. Do you think she would play this quiz?
  7. Does she ever copy the way you pose in selfies, the way you walk, your outfits, the way you talk?
  8. What would you rate this quiz?
  9. Do you think you will get the correct info from taking this quiz?
  10. Do you think you will get the correct info from taking this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Is my BFF jealous of you?