Are You A Overly Jealous Girlfriend

Are you an overly jealous girlfriend? If so, what kind of jealous are you? These are the things you can find out on this quiz, with just 12 simple questions about how you would react to certain situations.

Or maybe you aren't the overly jealous type at all! Maybe you're doing just fine! But who knows? You will if you take this quiz and answer the simple questions!

Created by: Yoko
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  1. Your boyfriend hasn't talked to you all day...
  2. You find out that he was mostly busy today because he was hanging out with a friend
  3. He begins to talk about this friend more and more often, beginning to text this friend while you two hang out?
  4. New Scenario: Your boyfriend seems distant.
  5. How do you overcome your jealousy
  6. Would you consider yourself jealous?
  7. Do you trust your boyfriend?
  8. If your boyfriend treated you the same you treated him, would you be happy?
  9. Would you rather break up with him or solve your problems?
  10. Are you ready?

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