Ugly Love {remake}

'My life was never prefect' That what Rosella said from the beginning. Though people fumed with jealously, thinking she had the 'prefect life' though it was all a lie. The glass shatters, the cracks not mattering. Her life had fallen apart, who will pick up the pieces? Picking up glass you will get hurt.

As promised a remake of ugly love. Though it took me awhile. I stopped witing for awhile and some role playing as for me back in the mood for writing. Well I hope you enjoyed it !!

Created by: singin234

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  1. {prologue}
  2. "She is beautiful" He whispered while staring at the photo of the girl. The girl had straight dark brown hair, it fell just past her shoulders. It slightly stayed out of one of her mixed blue green eyes with a grey outline. He took her breath away, she was smiling in the picture. Wearing short cut off shorts, smiling happily while standing next to his sister. "Well she Is something I guess" his sister's impatient voice reached his ears, she spoke in boredom. Like the mention of the girl was boring. "Her name" he asked ignoring his sister, he didn't want to turn away from the beautiful girl in the picture. His sister sighed and with one word you said her name "Rosella"
  3. He hadn't really know if his sister said one word or not, he only wanted to hear her name. Rosella. What a pretty name, he thought will running his thumb over the picture. He smiled as he did so, she was beautiful. He couldn't help but thinking it when he saw her. "Shane honestly she isn't worth it" his sister told him, she told him while looking down at her black shiny nails. He let a growl out, a low deadly growl. "Go to your room Mia" he ordered his younger sister. Mira went off in a huff, mumbling something about him. He ignored it and went back to starting at the pictrue.
  4. He sighed, folding the picture up. He placed it in her pocket, "maybe I should vist her" he mumbled. He looked into the mirror, he saw his demon form. In human mirrors he saw his human form but in demon mirror he saw his demon form. He looked into his glowing red eyes, his sharp teeth and his sharp nails. He couldn't help but frown at his reflection. Why would Rosella, that pretty human girl fall in with me? He sighed inwardly. He curled his his fist, she wouldn't.
  5. He gave a sigh, walking away from the mirror. He walked down to hall ways, they echoed his loud footsteps. It was always silent, their was servants at his castle but it was always too quiet. Sometimes he liked it, sometimes he didn't. He knocked on his sisters bedroom door. He could hear her fake cheery voice on the other side of the door. "Sure Rosella, I would love to go on a trip with you" Mira was easily faking her voice though it sounded so real. "Sure, okay later" she said goodbye and hanged up. He opened the door, learning in the wall e looked down at his sister. "Rosella" he asked her while crossing his arms. She nods, looking up at him. "Yep" she frowned
  6. He sighed, "what trip" he asked coldly while looking down at his sister. Mia sighed, "well her family and her are going on some trip. I am invited" Mira faked a cheery voice but it was obvious it was fake this time. "I hate girls like Rosella, they think everything is so perfect" Mira frowns while standing up. He shrugs, "then make everything not perfect, make her come running into my arms" he told her coldly. His sister looked up, a wicked grin on her face. "You don't mean..." She trailed off. He nodded "yes," he told her
  7. "Kill her family"
  8. {Rosella}
  9. My life was never perfect. No matter how happy I might of seemed. Every laugh, every smile was fake and sometimes the tears were too. Though this time, my tears aren't fake. Standing in this black dress, in front of my families grave. Tears rolling down my face, I don't cover my face. There is no one to comfort me by my best friend Mia. Her hand clasping my shoulder, I get no warmth from her hand. All it is, is
  10. cold...

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