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This is a remake of my GTQ series called My New Life. I really hope you like it. I tried my best on doing this remake! Thank you for taking this! I'm really just stalling because i don't want to write all of this!

This is a remake of my GTQ series called My New Life. I really hope you like it. I tried my best on doing this remake. Thank you for taking this! I'm really just stalling because i don't want to write all of this!

Created by: SilverNote13

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  1. A loud beeping noise awoke me from my sleep. I sat straight up in an instant. I clenched my hand into a fist and hit my alarm clock. It was 6 am and it was time for school. I sighed and laid down once again. I stared at my ceiling. I could feel my eyelids getting heavyer and heavyer. My eyes finally closed and i was drifting off into sleep. But that didn't last long. I had only had a catnap. And when i looked over at my clock, i nearly screamed. It was 10 minutes to 7. I would be late. I shot up from my bed and ran downstairs. I took a frozen waffle from the freezer and put it in the toaster. I then sprinted back upstairs and got dressed. I wore a black tank top and skinny jeans. Then i put a short cut purple zip up jacket, and put black boots on. I quickly grabbed my brush and started to brush my long shiny midnight black hair. I then ran back downstairs.
  2. Good thing my mom was not home. She would have killed me if she knew i got up this late. But my dad was home, but asleep. But he is a deep sleeper nothing could wake him up. Or so i thought. When i ran back downstairs, i nearly had a heart attack. Standing at the bottom of the stairs was my father. And he did not look happy. He was always grumpy in the morning when he gets up or is woken up. I shot past him. "What are you doing up this late Sierra?" My father asked. "Can't talk! I'm late!" I said. I grabbed the waffle and stuffed it in my mouth. "Hot hot hot." I mumbled with the waffle burning my mouth. I Made sure i had everything in my bookbag and slung it across my sholder. I took a bite of the waffle as i took it out of my mouth. "By dad!" I said and quickly walked out the door.
  3. As i walked out the door, i could see my bus already at the bus stop. Almost like it was waiting for me. "Weird..." I mumbled. I then shrugged it off and ran to the bus. The cold morning air stung my blue eyes. My black hair kept getting in my face but i didn't care. I finally got to the bus. There was a substituted driver. But only a few people were on. That was even weirder. I knew i had the right bus. I shrugged it off once more and headed for the back pf the bus. Me and my friends alway hung out in the back of the bus. I never knew why though. I sat down and set my book bag down next to me on the seat. I sighed and stared out the window.
  4. After a while i started to nod off a bit. But then the bus hit a big bump in the road. That kept me awake. I began to stare out the window once more. But i then began to realize... we aren't even heading the way to school. I looked over to the substitute driver. "Hey mister!" I said to get his attention. He looked over to me through the mirror that over views the whole bus behind him. "What." He said, almost irritated by me. "Where are we going? You do realize we are heading the opposite way to the school, right?" I yelled to the bus driver. He glared at me. "Shut up. That is none of your business." He said with a harsh tone. What is with this guy? "You didn't answer my ques-..." I was then interrupted by his yelling back. "I said SHUT UP!" He slamed on the brakes as he yelled. My eyes widened as my head hit the seat in front of me. "HEY WHAT THE HEL-..." Then all of a sudden, a car had hit the back of the but were only I sat. I had the wind knocked right out of me. Everything turned quickly to black and i was knocked out cold. All of this happened so fast i couldn't comprehend all of it that quickly.
  5. There was a ringing sound going through my head. I groaned. Then i soon realized that i was moving, like someone was carrying me. I fluttered her eyes open. Everything was blurry. I could someone was carrying me, but i just coulden't tell who. I began to freak out. I quickly fell out of the person's arms and onto the ground. When I hit the ground a sharp pain shot through my arm. "Be carful. Your already hut as is." A guy's voice said. I looked up to see the figure looking down at me. My vision became clear and realized it was a boy around my age. "Who are you?" I asked. "You will know later. First, you need to get home." The boy said. He was about to pick me up but I just swatted him away with my good arm. "I can stand!" I yelled. I then tried to stand up. Once i got to my feet, i began to fall. But i didn't hit the ground. The boy had caught me. "You sure about that?" He asked with a smirk. I blushed. I shook my head no. Then the boy picked me up once more.
  6. I blushed even more once i was picked up. It was quiet for a moment as i thought, 'What is going on?! What the hell is happening?! Who the hell is this guy?!'. The boy sighed. "You will get your answers later." My eyes widened. "How did you..." I said. The boy smirked. I am beginning to think that he likes seeing me clueless. I sighed. then i started to look at the surroundings since i had nothing else better to do. I soon realized i was in a forest. We were on a path... a very familiar path... Then it hit me. I used to take this path when i walked to school the year before! That means i really is going home! But why now the hospital? Apparently i was making a funny face because the boy started to laugh. "What?" I said. "Oh, nothing." He said. "Fine, don't tell me, Mr. noname." I said. There was light ahead it was a little area out of the woods that lead to right across the street from my house. And sure enough, there was my house.
  7. And that is the end of part 1!!!
  8. Ok here is the deal. I am going to rewrite all of what i wrote and already posted. Then i'll continue! Ok? Ok!
  9. I hope you liked it!!
  10. BAI!

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