Heart Of Glass (part:2)

Thanks so much to everyone who took my last quiz! (Heart Of Glass part:1) Well in this part you do learn about the Heart Of Glass, it's just a glass heart (not like a real one one like this  or this

That's all I'll say for now! Wait why are you reading this? Go read the story! I waste time writing this and it's nice to know you read it but you really don't need to. Thanks anyway.

Created by: DevilishGoddess101
  1. Your eyes fluttered open and you try to sit up, but a sharp pain in the back of your head stops you. Groaning, you put your hand to the back of your head and look around. You're in a cell, sitting up you prop yourself up on the one cell wall that isn't just bars. A voice in your head says, "Don't worry we are heretofore save you." You feel like screaming, but the gag on your mouth stops you. The door creeks open and a big bald guy with eyes that look black comes in and grabs your right arm. He practically drags you down several long twisting corridors before reaching a pair of huge double doors. Be grunts pulling them open and throws you into a smallish bare room, the doors were kind of misleading. He takes the gag of your mouth and you start to scream but he quickly puts his hand over your mouth. A boy around your age with black hair spiked at the front and tinged red on the end and eyes that appear to be black walks in. "What do you want with me." you snap at him when the bald guy finally takes his hand of your mouth. "Hello to you too ______, and it just so happens that I need you." Your about to ask why when a big brown wolf jumps onto the guys back shifting into a very familiar person. The next thing you know your pressed up against the bald guy and a knife is pressed up against your neck. The cool blade cuts your skin but is quickly knocked away, along with the bald guy. You start to feel really dizzy and it starts to get hard to stand. The world looks like it's tipping over and you slump to the ground.
  2. You aren't fully awake yet and your whole body feels like lead so you just lie there half conscious. You hear two people arguing one of them is practically shouting now and saying, "We have to tell her!" the other one obviously disagrees and counters with, "What she doesn't no can't hurt her, and I mean that literally!" They grow quieter and after a few minutes of listening to muffled voices you started feeling more awake. Opening your eyes you groan and try to sit up, resulting in you banging your head against the headboard of the bed. You scream "Oww!" and hear multiple people running up the stairs. Before they (whoever they are) reach the door you get a quick look around the room. Everything is neon. Everything. The bedstead is a bunch of different neon squares, one wall is neon pink, one is neon green, one is neon yellow, and the other is white. The doors are all white except for the one one on the white wall that is neon green. (imagine everything else) The door burst open and you see...
  3. Sam, Conner, and... a wolf? You're at a loss for words, but even if you were going to say something a voice in your head says, 'Umm... yeah your probably really freaked out right now... so I'll let Conner do the talking and all.' Then Sam runs out of the room leaving you gaping at the wolf and Conner. There's a long akward moment of silence and Conner starts, "Well um I guess you kinda want to know what's goin' on right?" he let's out a small laugh and you stutter, "Y-yeah." The wolf tenses and shifts into Kyle who storms out with an angry look on his face. "Wh-what was that!?" you almost start crying your so confused. "Uh, that was Kyle..." Conner starts and finish with the whole story. He ends up sitting next to you and when you start crying he wraps you in a tight yet gently hug. Here's what you learned. 1.) You're the last true fairy 2.) Sam is a vampire and can read minds, control minds, has telepathy, ect. 3.) Kyle is a were wolf and everything about him is enhanced- vision, strength, hearing, ect. 4.) Conner is a shape-shifter and makes illusions- or makes you see whatever he wants you to 5.) Notebook guy is named Riley 6.) Riley is a fallen angel and has the power of empathy- he can feel whatever anyone else is feeling also he can heal people 7.) the whole story which is... You're ansisters made a globe, it's a small object, and it is one of the seven most powerful things in the immortal world. With it Dre (the guy with black and red hair) wants to destroy all of the humans (it was his fathers plan but he died and Dre vowed to carry out his plan) but he can't do it without you. Only a true fairy can hold so much power all at once, also only a true fairy holds enough energy to do this. Your goal is to destroy the Heart Of Glass, or the globe, it's really just a a clear glass heart. You also learn that the reason you passed out before was because the blade was laced with poison. Dre will stop at nothing to get you, even murder.
  4. Conner leaves and you sit there wiping away any remaining tears. Getting up you head to the shower and, well shower. Drying your hair you pull it into a messy ponytail and piut on a tank and sweats, you walk downstairs still trying to process what Conner said. Finally you give up and plop down onto a couch flipping on the TV. Your favorite show just so happens to be on and you get so caught up in it that you don't realize Riley sneaking up on you. "You still haven't called my." he says innocently and you jump spinning around to see him looking down at his phone. "That's not nice." you say in a sad tone frowning at him. "What sneaking up on people?" "Ha! You admit it!" he smile and sits next to you. "I love this show!" he exclaims and you both begin watching the show, which it turns out is a marathon so you end up falling asleep on Riley's shoulder.
  5. After a couple of days you start getting used to your new life and get to know the guys better, except for Kyle who always seems so far off and distant that you know he's hiding something. Something big. After dinner all the guys are in their rooms and you finally summon enough courage to ask Kyle what his problem is. As you walk up to his door you courage wavers and when you knock it disappears and you think about turning and leaving. But before you can even take a step backwards Kyle opens the door, shirtless. At first you're speechless but then somehow you find your voice and timidly ask him, "What are you hiding, I mean you're always so distant and... why do you hate me?" You look at the ground feeling tears forming, looking up you hope he doesn't notice them but you know that with his enhanced vision and all he can definitely see them. He let's out a huge sigh, but before he can say anything you say, "I-I'll just leave, this was a bad idea." As you turn to leave he grabs your elbow. Spinning you around he says, "No, no you should know."
  6. You leads you into his room and you sit next to him on his navy blue and white striped bed. You look at the ground again and he sighs before beginning. "The reason you're the last true fairy, it's because of wolves. My great-great-great-grandfather actually. A fairy did something to him (nobody knows what or if it's even true) and the result was a fight. Soon all of the fairies and wolves became involved and it lead to a huge war between the two species. Only a few fairies lived. You see I-I don't hate you, I just was afraid of what you might think of me if you found out." he looks at the ground and you give him a sideways hug relieved it wasn't something worse. "That was your great-great-great-grandfather. Not you. I don't care about the past, in fact if I wasn't the last fairy I wouldn't have met you and the guys. So in a way he did me a favor." Kyle blushes and you give him a quick tight hug before yawning and going to bed. Your dream is that you are in a dark room, suddenly rows upon rows of bright lights zing on. You're blinded, but only for a moment. There is a man/boy in a chair in the center of the room, chained to the floor with a bag over his head. You walk towards him and pull the bag off of his head, but his turns to dust at your feet. Screaming you wake up because for a brief second you saw the mans face, but your not in your room anymore.
  7. Cliffhanger! Sorry I have to leave it of there, but yes the questions were kinda lengthy.
  8. I'm thinking about bringing Brianna back should she be good or bad? Tell me in comments!
  9. I'm sorry but if you want to read Riley's result you have to read this because it wouldn't add it so here it is.  The fallen angel, his light brown hair looks golden when he flies during the day, while at night his eyes look like two emerald stars against the white/yellow ones. You can't wait to get your wings so he can teach you to fly, or do you just want more alone time with him? I know he wants more with you! I don't know if that was 150 words but who cares!
  10. Well I hope you liked it and will come for part 3!
  11. Well bubi now!

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