Heart Of Glass (part:3)

Hey guys so have you noticed how many questions all of my quizzes are? 13 each! For some reason they are alway 13 questions and I don't do that on purpose, they are kinda short!

I'm still thinking on if I should bring back Brianna yet, or at all. So please help me on that and I promise to make my next quizzes a lot longer! Thing is I'm only in 6th grade and I'm still in school so I don't have much time to do this stuff except on weekends!

Created by: DevilishGoddess101
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  1. You're in am empty white space that seems to stretch on forever. Looking around you see a dark cloud creeping across the white, slowly. As it grows nearer you hear the moaning of lost souls and ghosts, along with the screaming of banshees and people that are either in pain or are suffering greatly. The noise becomes too much and you crumble to the ground covering your ears. When you open your eyes everything is doubled, blurry, and seems to be spinning around. Four worried faces are lpoking down at you and their mouths are moving, but you can't hear anything.
  2. Closing your eye then opening them again your vision begins to clear and you push yourself up into a sitting position. "What's going on?" you ask but you don't hear any words come out of your mouth. You put your hand to your mouth and watch with a shocked expression as Conner starts to say something, you can't hear... anything. Standing up on shaking legs you run into the bathroom slamming the room and locking it behind you. Sinking to the ground you start to cry. After a while a worried voice in your head says, "What's wrong?" you recognize the voice as Sam's. In your head you say, "I can't-can't hear!" then start to cry all over again. "Opsn the door." he tells you calmly. Standing up you wipe away some of your tears and slowly open the door. Sam is the only one out there and he turns when the door opens, looking surprised you actually obeyed him. Outloud you ask, "Why can't I hear?" you hear him sigh inside your head, "You tell me." "I-I don't know I h-had this dream and th-there was all this s-screaming I-I.." you start to cry again and you feel a new presence in your mind and Sam says, "I'm just checking out your dream." Before saying or shouting something he gives you a sad yet hopeful look. Riley opens the door and listens to Sam for a minute or to before closing his eyes. His hands get this blue light around them and when he opens his eyes they are a matching shade of bright blue. Suddenly you feel limp and fall onto the bed just as Riley is putting his hands to your head.
  3. Your eyes flutter open and you look around, you're in your bed (at the guys house) and Kyle is asleep on the couch. Laughing to yourself and you almost jump out of your skin, you can hear!!!!!!! The noise startled you at first but you quickly get used to the sounds again. The humming of the fan above you, the trees rusting, and the TV downstairs. You're so happy you almost start to cry but Kyle wakes up and you settle for giving him a tight hug instead. "______, can't breath." he struggles to say. You laugh and let him go, "I can hear again! I never knew how much I'd miss you guys fighting, no matter how many times I just want to block it out." you tease. This time he hugs you, but instead of letting you go he picks you up and slings you over his shoulder. He carries you this way down the stairs. You pound on his back but it's no use he just slides you further down his back until your head almost hits the floor and you scream. The other guys see this and start laughing. You frown and cross your arms, to them it just looks like your smiling so they keep laughing. By now you are getting a little mad and clench your hands into fists then unclenching them to try and relax. The second you open your hand a huge gust of wind comes out of both of them sending all of the guys back a couple of feet, and you land on your head. Getting up you rub your head and laugh when you see tha guys. They are tangled up in a human knot and Sam is saying (in your mind,) "Why, why, why. Wait did you do this?!" you nod and he freezes, "Crap." he says out loud. "She's getting her powers."
  4. Your mouth falls open and everyone else stops moving. As if in slow motion everything starts moving again and you help the guys out of their human knot. (I love that game... don't judge me.) Conner whispers something to Riley and he nods before taking your hand and leading you outside. "Soooo..." you say rocking back and forth on your heels. "Well we need to teach you how to change into your magical form, and sense we both have wings we thought it would be easiest if I taught you." "Okay, sooo... what's first?" you ask. "Umm well close your eyes and clear your mind." you did so and he told you the next step. "Think about one thing, one thing that makes you really happy." You decided to focus on the days your dad took you out to the park as a kid, you got ice-cream from the ice-cream truck and he would push you on the swing for hours. That was before he died in a car accident. You smiled when you thought about how he always took a bite out of your ice-cream when you weren't looking then blamed it on a squirrel. "Good job!" Riley said shattering your thoughts. Opening your eyes you feel different, more powerful and full of energy. You feel alive. "Wanna see what you look like?" he asks and you nod eagerly. He takes you to the bag patio and you look t your reflection in the sliding door. Your dark brown hair has a golden shine to it and your normally soft brown eyes are a glowing bright blue. You gasp and look at your wings, they an almost transparent golden color that sparkles. "This is unreal." you breath and turn to look at Riley, but he's not there.
  5. "Kyle?" you ask perplexed. Where Riley was just standing is Kyle. "Super speed super strength, he's sitting in a tree at the park." he says this so seriously that you can't help but laugh, he cracks a smle too. "You look nice, pretty in your magical form." he says clearly uncomfortable. "Thanks!" you say looking at your feet, when you look up he's standing right of you. 'Right super speed.' you think to yourself, but before you can backup his arms wrap around you and his lips are against yours. At first you're shocked but then you kiss him back. After about a minute you feel a cool breeze and he's gone, 'Right super speed.' you think again, confused.
  6. A bird tweets to your left and you turn, there's something off about the bird. It's wearing sunglasses. "Conner?" you ask still confused. The bird stops singing and shifts into Conner, "How'd you know?" he asks playfully. "Well the glasses helped..." you reply switching back to your normal self (Riley told you how.) "Did you... see..." your afraid to ask. He nods his smile fading as he walks inside with you on his tail.
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