How well do you know city of Glass?

City of Glass is a complex world of warlocks, Werewolves, Shadowhunters, Vampires... Here we test your know how so you can see what kind of fan you are.

Maybe youre an expert on City of Glass, maybe you didnt know the book existed, were bored and came across this quiz. But whats for sure is you will find out here if youre a city of glass genius or a caveman.

Created by: Nikole
  1. Are Jace and Clary siblings?
  2. What kind of downworlder is Simon?
  3. Who is the real bad guy here?
  4. Who makes a move on Jace in City of Glass?
  5. What rune does Clary do for the battle against Valentine's Demons?
  6. Who did Valentine unintentionally give powers to by givind him/her Angel Blood in powder?
  7. What is Jace's real biological last name?
  8. Who put Simon in Prison?
  9. What was the name of the angel Valentine had in his secrret attic?
  10. What figure did Luke represent in Clary's perspective of her family?
  11. What did Clary ask for when he Angel Raziel offered whatever she might want?
  12. Did Jace die?
  13. Is Clary a full fledged Shadowhunter?
  14. Who is Max?What happened to him?
  15. What are Shadow Hunters?
  16. Last question!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know city of Glass?