Do you look on the bright side?

Some people look at the glass being half full and some people look at is as the glass being half empty. Others look at it and say " Hey! Who drank half of my Coke! Eww..."

How do you look at life. You may not have realised but the way you look at things can change the result. Now you can see if all those mis-fourtunes were bad luck or bad additude.

Created by: Marianne of depp.forevermy_captian
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  1. After an awesome date with a new guy(or girl), (s)he says, "I'll call you." You think:
  2. Your friend asks to borrow your favorite sweater. You:
  3. Your history teacher hands out the midterm, and there are about 3 million questions on it. You think:
  4. You try out for the volleyball team. On the day the team list is posted, you:
  5. You try out for the school play. On the day the casting list is posted, you:
  6. You are surfing online, and a screen pops up and says you have won $100! How do you react?
  7. A dance is coming up. What are the chances your crush will ask you?
  8. Your friends parents are going on vacation, so she is throwing a blowout New Years Eve party. Do you help her plan it?
  9. You snagged tickets to Avrils tour, but your seats are waaay in the back of the arena. You:
  10. You read on the internet that if you enter you may have a chance to meet your fave celeb. You:

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Quiz topic: Do I look on the bright side?