Which Nonesuchian counselor are you?

At nonesuch, we didn't have official trademarks of character, but true enough, they shone through anyways. you could always tell who was on the dark side and who wasn't, which is how we got by. anyways, without further ado:

I give you the great Nonesuchian Counselor quiz! find out which side you're on, and see what that says about you. (just letting you know, there aint no side like the dark side) commence your quiz-taking and let all your questions be answered!

Created by: muffinface
  1. you are most called...
  2. what is a typical act for you?
  3. what would you be when you grow up?
  4. what's the difference between a duck?
  5. what would you do with an upright fish?
  6. your basic mood is...
  7. word recogntion!!!! sailor moon
  8. how can you be so sure life really exists?
  9. what would you most likely say?
  10. did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Nonesuchian counselor am I?