What kind of Hill counselor are you?

The Hill is an interesting place. It takes a special person to lead a group of youth through a whole week there. It requires a special set of skills that are learned with much practice.

Are you a Super Counselor or will you be fired by the end of the summer? There's two ways to find out. You could apply for the job and know at the end of 8-10 weeks. Or you could take this quiz. Taking this quiz is the shorter way and results in less pain for you and the campers.

Created by: Sally

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  1. What is the best way to start a campfire?
  2. A cooking fire should consist of:
  3. What should you do if your lantern isn't working?
  4. Snack foods should be stored in:
  5. Which of the following has never been an abbreviation for a site:
  6. When you run out of fire wood you should:
  7. Which of the following should not be returned to the lodge at the end of the week:
  8. What lodge game originated at JPUSA?
  9. What is the name of the walking path leading to the adventure site?
  10. What might you see when snorkeling in the lake?
  11. You love to eat and drink:

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Quiz topic: What kind of Hill counselor am I?