One Tree Hill know it all

Many people watch One Tree Hill but how many are One Tree Hill know it alls? One Tree Hill is a GRRReat show that airs on the CW Monday nights at 8pm. It's cast members include; James Lafferty, Chad Micheal Murray, Hilary Burton, Sophia Bush, and Bethany Joy Galeotti.

Are you a One Tree Hill know it all? Have you seen every episode or never given it a try? Take my quiz and find out if you're a One Tree Hill know it all or have better things to do with your time than watch soap opera's on t.v.

Created by: brandy
  1. What is Lucas Scott's middle name?
  2. What number does Nathan Scott wear when he plays for the Raven's?
  3. How did Peyton Sawyer's adopted mother die?
  4. What is Brooke Davis's middle name?
  5. What does Haley James get as a tattoo on her back?
  6. Where does Karen Roe go to cooking school?
  7. What is Peyton Sawyer's dad's name?
  8. What is Coach "Whitey" Durham's real first name?
  9. Who open's the time capsule?
  10. What is Nathan Scott's uncle's name?
  11. Where do Peyton and Brooke send Nicky looking for Jake?
  12. Who is Mouth's first girlfriend?
  13. Who set Dan's Dealership on fire?
  14. What is Deb Scott's maiden name?
  15. What does Lucas say his tattoo stands for?

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