How Much You Know Silent Hill 3?

Many people want to master Silent Hill 3, but few are up to the challenge. From topic to topic, you get more knowledge. With this test, we'll see how much you know about the greatest horror game ever, Silent Hill, specially the part 3.

Do you though you could tell others everything about Silent Hill 3? Well, let's try out how much you know! Ready, then let us see how much of a SH3 knower you are!

Created by: Joseph
  1. In the women's bathroom on the Shopping Center, 2F is there someone in the last toilet when the world Alternates?
  2. What strange thing was served in the restaurant in the Shopping Center, 3F?
  3. Where Heather takes the subway home?
  4. In a wall in the Mental Clinic, Hilltop Center; Vincent is found. What said in one of the walls near him?
  5. Who is responsible for Harry's death?
  6. Who tries to talk to Heather in the Brookhaven Hospital through its diary?
  7. What is the "new" name of the person named in the last question?
  8. What was dropped by Leonard in the Brookshaven Hospital?
  9. The Brookhaven Hospital is characterized because it has the presence of many:
  10. Who was hung upside-down of the creepy Mansion?
  11. What did Cinderella lose?
  12. What is behind the Podium where Claudia stranded at the Chapel?
  13. Vincent dies when Claudia...
  14. The person that confessed to Heather was...
  15. The Closers on the Church...
  16. Which ios the main mascot of the Lakeside Amusement park?
  17. The theme song for SH3 is...
  18. What does Valtiel does to nurses?
  19. From this objects, which cannot instantly kill Heather?
  20. How many times the carousel at Lakeside Amusement park does until the curse kills you?
  21. The first number of the hard riddle at Brookhaven 2F refers to Heather's.

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