jay and silent bob quiz

HEY this quiz is all about Jay and Silent Bob and if you walk away from this you admit that you have no love for great talent. This quiz will ask questions only a real Jay and Silent Bob fan would know so i understand if you are scared

You want to take this quiz i know you do so take it and prove you arnt a burn boy cause trust me either people think this or you dont know enough people so no one evn realizes you exist but if they did they would call you burn boy

Created by: ndxray

  1. What is silent bob's full name
  2. What do Jay and Silent Bob sell in front of the quick stop
  3. in order of events that happend (not when the movies came out) which one was first
  4. When was Mallrats made
  5. IN Clerks 2 what song does Silent Bob play when Jay says he's bourd
  6. IN Dogma what does Jay say ehn he wakes up in the dinning car
  7. Does Jay have a fasination with seals
  8. How many years does Clerks 2 take place after Clerks
  9. What are Jay and Silent Bob's superhero names
  10. In Clerks 2 Jay explains that the cops pulled him and Silent Bob over for what

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