One Tree Hill Seaon One Episode 3

All questions in this quiz are taken from Season One Episode One of One Tree Hill, the hit television show for The CW. How well do you know One Tree Hill Season One Episode Three?

We at From the Desk of Haley James Scott are in no way affiliated with The CW, One Tree Hill, any cast or crew member past or presently working on the hit television show

Created by: Jamie of From The Desk of Haley James Scott
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  1. What is the name of this episode?
  2. According to Brooke Lucas's life changed when the winning shot went in.
  3. How many assists did Lucas have in the game?
  4. Who says "What sketches?"
  5. Who is Jeff Nelson?
  6. What is Lucas's Favorite Color?
  7. At what time do Nathan and Haley begin tutoring that Saturday morning at Market Street Dock?
  8. Is Nathan late for tutoring?
  9. On What page do Haley and Nathan begin their tutoring session?
  10. According to this episode how many years have they had a Burning Boat Festival?

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