One Tree Hill Season One Episode 4

All questions in this quiz are taken from Season One Episode One of One Tree Hill, the hit television show for The CW. How well do you know One Tree Hill Season One Episode Four?

We at From the Desk of Haley James Scott are in no way affiliated with The CW, One Tree Hill, any cast or crew member past or presently working on the hit television show

Created by: Jamie of From The Desk of Haley James Scott
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  1. What type of shampoo is Lucas using in the opening scene?
  2. Was Deb introduced in this episode?
  3. Who Goes to the party with Lucas?
  4. After Nathan is introduced to Haley what does he say?
  5. HighSchool FearLeader is who's Comic strip?
  6. What is Haley suppose to put at the top of her lesson plan for Nathan?
  7. Who's car does Nathan and Haley take?
  8. How many days out of a month is Deb gone?
  9. Who is most like Karen?
  10. Who Crashes Peyton's Car?
  11. Who Says: "Try not to kill each other, girls"
  12. Peyton and Nathan break up in this episode
  13. What is the name of this episode?
  14. What is the original air date of this episode?

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