One Tree Hill Season One Episode 1

All questions in this quiz are taken from Season One Episode One of One Tree Hill, the hit television show for The CW. How well do you know One Tree Hill Season One Episode One?

We at From the Desk of Haley James Scott are in no way affiliated with The CW, One Tree Hill, any cast or crew member past or presently working on the hit television show

Created by: Jamie of From The Desk of Haley James Scott
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  1. What is the Name of This Episode?
  2. What Was the original air date of this episode?
  3. How many did Dan tell Nathan he had to score in the opening scene?
  4. Who steals the school bus that almost hits the train?
  5. Who Was Not Involved in the Bus/Train Incident?
  6. Chief Wayman is The Chief of police of Tree Hill
  7. Who said this "Inmates will not run the asylum"?
  8. The Winter of Our Discontent by Steinbeck was mentioned in this episode
  9. Who gave Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare to Lucas?
  10. Who is older?
  11. Who said "About 5,006 beers a night"?
  12. According to the sign at Tree Hill High School, how much are tickets for the Raven Rave?
  13. How does whitey like his gym?
  14. Where did Keith and Dan see David Thompson as a kid?
  15. What is the name of the road that Peyton's car broke down on?
  16. The quote that Lucas says at the end of this show is from "The Winter of Our Discontent" by Steinbeck

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