How Broken Hill are you?

It's hot, it used to be a lot bigger but the profile of the town on the horizon with its head frames sparkles like an oasis in the desert. Known also as the Silver City because of its mines which are now near exhaustion.

Take this test to find out how Broken Hill you are. Are you a local, a fly by night, or someone who would never dream of driving 5 kms west of Bathurst where you know Broken Hill to be.

Created by: Gogo

  1. Do you live in a street that is named after a mineral or do you know someone who does?
  2. The Muso and the Demo are
  3. Willyama is a
  4. Cheeseslaw is a salad of shredded
  5. The "river" refers to
  6. Daydream is
  7. Do you live in NSW but use the telephone area code of South Australia?
  8. If you were "going tadelaide"
  9. The plural of you is youse?
  10. An automatic word to end every sentence is
  11. "The Hill"
  12. Shade sails at a shopping centre car park is
  13. St. Pats is
  14. BHP Billiton

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Quiz topic: How Broken Hill am I?