The House on the Hill Part 3

This is a 3 part series about the mysterious house on the hill that you never see any people come out of. We all have them or have encountered them. Now you know what really was lurking in that house.

You just came back from a party and you found out that you locked yourself out... again. You're sitting on the porch step, feeling hopeless. Someone will come soon. You're almost finishing that thought when you see something strange...

Created by: Ashlyn

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who did you get last time?
  2. adgfahk
  3. dhnmd
  4. eyw
  5. mr
  6. jye
  7. je5
  8. 26
  9. shq
  10. nope. questions 4-12 don't count. You just need 10 custom ones. The only question that matters is the one asking who you got last time.

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