Big Brother 9 'Til Death Do You Part'

Many things have happened in the Big Brother house during season 9. Different twists and unexpected events. This quiz pertains to season 9 in the Big Brother house.

how well do you know the houseguests? how about the ever changing events that occur in the house? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about Big Brother 9 'till death do us part'. Good luck and have fun!!

Created by: ReaRea
  1. Lets start out with an easy question. What did this show (Big brother 9)revolve around?
  2. Before there was a Head of Household (HOH)there was a power couple. Who was the power couple?
  3. The power couple got to evict any couple of thier choice. Who did they choose to evict?
  4. Three of the houseguests that were evicted came back into the house or never left the house. Who was NOT one of the evicted houseguests that were evicted and got to continue to play the game?
  5. There was one houseguest that had to leave for personal reasons. Who was this houseguest?
  6. Because one of the houseguests had to leave for personal reasons it left open an oppurtunity for a previously evicted houseguest to come back and play the game. Who was the lucky houseguest that got to come back and play the game?
  7. Eventually the house was divided, you had 'Team Pink' and then 'Team Christ'. Who was not originally apart of 'Team Christ'?
  8. Where did the group name 'Team Pink' come from?
  9. At a point in the game the house split. Who was HOH when the house split?
  10. There was one houseguest that broke a big brother record for winning three POV's in a row. Who was this houseguest that broke the record?
  11. Here is an easy question... Which of the choices below were never a couple on big brother 9?
  12. Why did Sheila evict Natalie?
  13. Natalie was gunning to get one person in particular out of the house. Who was this person?
  14. Last question. There are 7 jury house members. Who is NOT one of the jury house members?

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