How well do you know Big Brother?

Do you think you know Big Brother? Well take this quiz and test your knowledge on much you do know. You might not know as much as you think you do. Come on it's only a quiz.

Are you up to date on your Big Brother knowledge? Let's see how well you know your stuff. Come take the Big Brother quiz. You will be asked 12 random questions on how well you know Big Brother.

Created by: BigBrotherAllTimeFan
  1. On Big Brother 2 the houseguest performed a challenge with what other Reality Show?
  2. Which houseguest was the only person to never be nominated?
  3. On Big Brother All Stars Who hid in a vase to spy on the other houseguest?
  4. How many members were in the Nerd Herd?
  5. What season annoyed live feeders with too much whispering?
  6. Which houseguest performed sexual favors just to get a vote?
  7. Who called out Diane on calling out her alliance?
  8. Which houseguest was blamed for Eric's hinky votes?
  9. What was Sharon's excuse for dropping out on the glass box competition?
  10. Why was Marcellas so upset with Janelle on All stars?
  11. What comment was made by Boogie about Chicken George
  12. On all the Big Brother seasons how many houseguest have had the same first name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Big Brother?