Philip Campbell

It takes a true sadist to agree to enter the Big Brother Household - you life goes on trial and your dirty laundry hung out for all to see...Big Brother puts your personality out there for all to see - so you better get real!

...but what kind of Housemate would YOU make? Take the Big Brother Personality Test and discover how you would appear to millions of people watching 'back home'...

Created by: Philip Campbell
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  1. You play a really wicked prank on one of the housemates, and get caught in the act (it WAS pretty funny, though...) Do you;
  2. You've just won a huge cash prize in the House! Big Brother allows you to share - but will you?
  3. Someone needs to go on Cleaning Duty! That means vacuuming, ironing and toilet-bowl scrubbing...Will you...
  4. You really need to chill out after a big argument, so you head out into the garden to;
  5. There was fight. Nothing serious, but you've been called in to make the peace with the two combatants - will you?
  6. You shouldn't 'Live to Work', you should 'Work to Live' - Discuss...
  7. Someone has smuggled a Nintendo DS into the Big Brother House - will you;
  8. Someone stole your soap in the showers - I bet it was;
  9. You're playing No Limit Hold'em, and it's the last hand - what's your poker face like?
  10. You've just become Head-of-Household! Congratulations! What will you do first?

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