Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

Hey peepz! This is a quiz about which powerpuff girl you are.. As you can tell from the name. I know most people don't read this, but I decided to do it anyway. I hope everybody enjoys the quiz although the questions do not show my wonderful sense of humor.

Nobody reads this so I don't know why they make us write it. There are two kung fu pups are outside my bedroom krumping and humping my front porch. And Naomi Campbell is in my bathroom threatening to hit me with her blackberry for eating pizza.

Created by: Kelsie
  1. What is your personal style?
  2. What nail polish color are you most likely to pick?
  3. What's your favorite beauty product?
  4. What's your favorite magazine out of these?
  5. What shoe do you wear most often?
  6. What kind of movie would you like best?
  7. What color is most like your personality?
  8. Who's your favorite holiday character?
  9. You strive to be:
  10. You like___best.
  11. What rapper has the best vibe?

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Quiz topic: Which Powerpuff Girl am I?