What Negima Girl Suits You Best?

Mahora has many girls, each with their own personalities and traits. For those who have ever wondered which one they would match up the best with, wonder no more.

Are you prepared to take the quiz and find out which girl matches your tastes the best? I would have to say that yes. Yes you are. So get in there and find out!

Created by: Andrew of Anime/Manga Quizzes. That Don't Suck.
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  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Which meal sounds best?
  3. It's Friday night. I want to:
  4. I prefer girls to dress:
  5. When faced with a problem, I will:
  6. Of my choices, this job appeals to me most:
  7. I'm surrounded by thugs. Looks like I'll have to:
  8. I have some free time. I'll spend it by:
  9. My idea of a good date is:
  10. To be successful, I must:
  11. When I think of 'power', I think:
  12. A word that describes me is:
  13. I can bench:
  14. I like this animal more than the others:
  15. My nationality:
  16. If I could speak another language, it would be:
  17. I like girls with this length of hair:
  18. This color hair is better than the rest:
  19. When I think of sports, I specifically think:
  20. Of those listed, this creature is the coolest:
  21. On girls, glasses look:
  22. In a relationship, I look for my partner to be:
  23. When it comes to a family, I want:

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