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Everybody knows that the Powerpuff Girls are old. Right? You have to agree with me on that one. But just if something is old, that doesn't mean you should be dumb with it! It's 2015 people! Michael Jackson is still awesome!

So, are you going to stand there while others are beating you at show trivia--well show trivia about a show WHICH STARTED IN 1998???? I hope that is not a no!! Well take my medium hardness quiz. Have fun, but don't blow it.

Created by: #powerpuffpowerpuff
  1. Lemme start you with something easy--who are "The-Beat-Alls?"
  2. Now, this one is easier I think; In which episode does Bubbles the Powerpuff Girl overcome her fear of the dark?
  3. This one is kind of hard--well I don't know... What is the basic summary of the episode Power Lunch?
  4. Wow!!! This next one is super easy! Which song do the PPG sing (and play their respective instruments) at the end of "Mime of a Change?"
  5. Here is a quick question which even some brainiacs might slip up on-Does every episode have a pun?
  6. Halo!!! Halfway done! I'm gonna celebrate and give you the easiest question on earth. What is the official Powerpuff uniform?
  7. This one-kind of easy, not really. What is Princess' most villainous scene she has ever done?
  8. This one you won't have to click your brain to get the answer. Just look, and you might have to use a bit of logic for this one. Which Powerpuff has officially been in jail?
  9. Hell, easy question alert!!! What is Buttercup's official hairstyle in words?
  10. Last question! I just looked at these questions and I noticed that most of them are kind of easy! I will have to make a harder quiz soon! What did you think of my quiz? (The kind answer will get bonus points)

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