How well do YOU know The Powerpuff Girls?

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There are The Powerpuff Girls, who are amazing, and fantastic to their other citizens of their town. What is a Powerpuff Girl? Well, here is the amazing BASIC Powerpuff trivia quiz. Well, I hope you know...

Well, here is my first ever quiz, so I do not want any flames in the comments. Oh, and there will be a follow up quiz with harder facts. TAHNK YOU everyone who is going to take my quiz!

Created by: HeavenlyPrincess

  1. So... which of these descriptions fits "The Powerpuff Girls" the most well?
  2. Well, well... what are the names of "The Powerpuff Girls?"
  3. Now, here are some HARDER questions. What is the third Powerpuff Girl afraid of.
  4. Which of the following does the second Powerpuff Girl own?
  5. What color hair does the first Powerpuff Girl have?
  6. What are The Powerpuff Girls' parents?
  7. Do The Powerpuff Girls have counterparts?
  8. Where do The Powerpuff Girls Live?
  9. What do The Powerpuff Girls wear?
  10. What is The Powerpuff Girls short form?
  11. Even how old are The Powerpuff Girls?
  12. Just wondering... What is The Powerpuff Girls?
  13. Now... for the end, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS! Do you like? The people who have a good reason get a point!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Powerpuff Girls?