Kidnapped Episode 7 Quiz!

In episode 7 of Kidnapped, called Front Page, Maureen Campbell breaks the story about Leopold's kidnapping and complicates the investigation. Knapp pays a visit to Kellogg to see if he can find some clues.

Otto pays a visit to a church in Mexico to confess his sins, and meets the sheriff of Mexico there. Virgil checks himself out of the hospital and starts his own search for Leopold. Will this lead him to danger? In the end, we find out that Atkins may have a secret.

Created by: Kara

  1. What is the title of episode 7?
  2. True or False: Benjamin Rand, Ellie's father, steps in and takes over the investigation in this episode?
  3. What did King ask Rand in the beginning of this episode?
  4. True or False: The news of Leopold's kidnapping broke in this episode?
  5. Who broke the news of the kidnapping?
  6. Statement 1: The journalist who broke the story, worked for the New York Times? Statement 2: She worked in the Life and Style pages at her newspaper?
  7. True or False: A helicopter got a shot of Aubrey in her bedroom?
  8. Who was Conrad talking to on the phone?
  9. Complete this conversation: I can't _______ that the world has _________ turning. Who's __________?
  10. Who was the complete the conversation between?
  11. Who is the first person involved in the investigation to address the media?
  12. What does Virgil do while he is watching King's press conference in the hospital?
  13. Who shows up and starts questioning King in this episode?
  14. Who got Leopold a bodygaurd one year ago?
  15. Why did she get Leopold a bodygaurd?
  16. Where did Leo meet Joseph?
  17. What does Bellows start calling Leo in this episode?
  18. What does Knapp have Turner look for in Leo's room?
  19. Did she find what she was looking for in Leo's room?
  20. According to Vance, how much money did King find at the Ramone drug bust?
  21. What was the actual amount that was found at the Ramone drug bust, as King corrected Vance?
  22. Who does Vance want to question King about?
  23. What is Leo drawing the first time he meets Virgil?
  24. Statement 1: Leo gives Virgil one of his drawings? Statement 2: When he hands Virgil the drawing he says, "So you'll be ready."?
  25. Who does Knapp go visit so that this person's cell could be searced?
  26. Who wants to see King?
  27. Why does this person want to see King?
  28. What is Leo's favorite comic?
  29. What is Bellows' favorite comic?
  30. True or False: Leo tries to get Bellows to go "soft"
  31. True or False: Otto goes to church?
  32. Who does Otto meet in the church?
  33. Why did this person want to talk to Otto?
  34. What were the two reasons this person gave about wanting to question Otto?
  35. What does Knapp find in a book at Kellogg's prison?
  36. Who signed the code in the book?
  37. Who took Virgil's guns?
  38. After giving a brief press conference, what does Ellie do to the person who broke the news of the kidnapping?
  39. Who does Atkins meet in a bar?
  40. True or False: Atkins is hiding something from King and the rest of the FBI?

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