Which Marx Brother Are You?

People are always wondering, "Yeah, I know my IQ, and I know what Tree I Would Be, but dammit, which Marx Brother Am I Most like?". They also wonder about lint and paying bills, but the Marx Brother question is always right up there, too.

Well, wonder no longer. Take this simple quiz and at last you will be able to sleep at night knowing that you're Groucho. Or Chico. Or whichever zany Marx Brother you may be.

Created by: hank of Blue Screen Of Death
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  1. I like to smoke cigars
  2. I know how to play the harp
  3. I speak with a fake Italian accent
  4. No one even knows who I am.
  5. I appear normal, but am unrememberable
  6. I often paint fake mustaches on my upper lip.
  7. I know how to play the piano.
  8. I have blonde or red hair, it's hard to tell when I'm black and white.
  9. I have an "o" at the end of my name.
  10. I wear glasses

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Quiz topic: Which Marx Brother am I?