Survivor TV Show Trivia

Survivor has aired 28 exciting seasons that have given us so many different ideas on the best ways to play the game. To look back on the show that has aired the most seasons of any primetime entertainment show ever, I have created a quiz about Survivor.

This is a difficult quiz that will require knowledge about all Survivor seasons. In this quiz, I am testing how big of a fan you really are. Yes, you will have questions about placement, records, and notable events. However, you also need to know about things such as Survivor's TV ratings and what Survivors have done outside of the show. Good luck!

Created by: SurvivorFan
  1. In what year did Survivor first premiere?
  2. How many of the first 29 seasons featured at least one returning castaway?
  3. Who holds the record for the most days played on Survivor?
  4. Which season was the highest rated season of Survivor?
  5. Who was the last surviving member of the beauty tribe on Survivor: Cagayan?
  6. What was the name of the European show that Survivor is based on?
  7. Who is the only castaway to attend every tribal council in a season (not including while on the jury)?
  8. Which of these seasons did not feature more than 2 initial tribes?
  9. On Survivor: Gabon, what tribe spotted an elephant near camp?
  10. What are Ulong and Matsing famous for?
  11. What state has had the most Survivor contestants?
  12. What season first introduced the hidden immunity idol?
  13. Which of these people did not marry a person that he or she met through Survivor?
  14. Prior to Survivor: Cagayan, what was the last season to have a Final Two, as opposed to a Final Three?
  15. Who is the only person to be the first person eliminated twice?
  16. How many seasons did Survivor air on Thursdays?
  17. Who is the only Survivor contestant to have since died?
  18. What Survivor: One World contestant gained infamy for his or her perceived racism?
  19. What two castaways were "fake-eliminated" in the premiere of Survivor: Tocantins
  20. Who is the only Survivor to have been on both the Fans' tribe and the Favorites' tribe?
  21. Who attempted to buy the title of Sole Survivor from the winner at a reunion?
  22. What was the longest-lasting season of Survivor?
  23. Which of these Survivor contestants has never been a contestant on another show or had his own TV show?
  24. What is the name of the CMT show that borrows Survivor's format except for the endgame?
  25. Who is the only two-time winner?
  26. What member of the opposing tribe gave Russell Hantz an immunity idol in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains?
  27. Name the second runner up of Survivor: Nicaragua
  28. What is Survivor: Nicaragua winner Fabio Birza's real first name?
  29. What two castaways returned in Survivor: Guatemala
  30. Which of these statements about Survivor: Gabon is false?
  31. Which of these seasons had female winners?
  32. What season had a cliff diving challenge?
  33. How did Brandon Hantz get eliminated in Survivor: South Pacific?
  34. What season eliminated 3 castaways in the premiere?
  35. Who is the only castaway to be voted out three times in one season?
  36. Who was the model for Phillip Sheppard's Stealth-R-Us alliance?
  37. How many total votes has Russell Hantz received during his appearances in Final Tribal Councils?
  38. Before Survivor: Borneo was called Survivor: Borneo, what was it called?
  39. What is the only non-all star season before Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains to not have any of its new contestants compete on a future season?
  40. Who was the first person ever voted out of Survivor?

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