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welcome to my one and only, Paul Teutul Jr. Trivia Quiz contest. Test your knowledge about the amazing bike builder, and star of the hit tv show, American Chopper: Sr. Vs. Jr.! See how big of a fan you truly are!

How well do you know Paul Teutul Jr.? How big of a fan are you? Well, take this quiz to find out, and in minutes you will know! These are fairly easy questions, so if you are a true fan, then you should pass with flying colors. Good Luck!

Created by: Tim of Paul Teutul Jr. Fan Club
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  1. What is Paulie's Birthday?
  2. Where does Paulie live?
  3. Who was Paulie's 1st Celebrity crush?
  4. What number did Jr. wear on his High School Football Team?
  5. what year did Paul Jr and Paul Sr. start Orange County Choppers?
  6. what year did the pilot episode of "American Chopper" air?
  7. what is Paulie's favorite sports team?
  8. what brand of sunglasses does Paulie wear almost all the time?
  9. What is Paulie's sister's name?
  10. what brand of boots does Paulie frequently wear?
  11. before marrying Rachael, what was Paulie's girlfriend's name?
  12. what is Paulie's favorite movie?
  13. what is Jr's favorite band?
  14. true or false, Paul Jr smokes cigarettes!
  15. after getting fired from OCC, Paulie returned to work 2 months later, and helped assemble which bike on the show?
  16. what was the LAST Bike Paulie helped build at OCC before he left to start PJD?
  17. before getting his 1st paying customer at PJD, and before he chose to build the Anti-Venom Bike, who was the customer that he had lined up to build a bike for, but it fell through?
  18. along with the Anti-Venom Bike, how many TOTAL Web Theme Bikes has Paulie designed and built?
  19. who is Paulie's favorite Super-Hero?
  20. true or false, Paulie won the lawsuit against his father, Paul Sr!
  21. which of these companies, while at PJD has Jr NOT built a bike for so far?
  22. what are Paulie's dog's names?
  23. on what date did Paulie and Rachael tie the knot?
  24. besides the new Anti-Venom Bike, what does Paulie consider to be his favorite and best bike ever?
  25. who designed the PJD Logo?
  26. Does Paulie have any tattoos?
  27. which of these TV talk shows has Paulie NOT appeared on in the past?
  28. which of these pickup truck companies is Jr's PJD truck?
  29. when is Paulie scheduled to have the Grand Opening of his new shop this year?
  30. so far, how many bikes in total has Jr and PJD Built?
  31. how old is paulie?
  32. what throwback New York Giants player's jersey was Jr wearing when he took the Giants Bike for it's test ride during that episode?

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