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Welcome to my Ultimate Paul Teutul Jr/Paul Jr. Designs Trivia Quiz. Test your knowledge about PJD and American Chopper, and see how well you fare against other PJD Fans out there. Good Luck!

These questions range from easy, easier, easiest to hard, harder and hardest. By taking this quiz you will soon find out just how big of a PJD Fan you are. Good Luck again.

Created by: mookie06 of Paul Jr. Fan Club
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  1. What year did Paul Jr start Paul Jr Designs?
  2. Who was Paul's first Client for PJD? (NON Bike Client)
  3. after leaving OCC, Jr had a non-compete clause which stated he wasn't allowed to build bikes again for up to how long ?
  4. Yes or No, does Jr. have any Tattoo's?
  5. What make of Truck does Paul have for Paul Jr. Designs?
  6. What is Paul's Favorite Sports Team?
  7. When he began building Bikes again at PJD, he struggled to get his first client. Who was the 1st potential client, but later rejected the Project?
  8. What was the name of the ex Pro Baseball Player that got a PJD Bike Built for him earlier this year (2012)?
  9. What was Paul Jr's Number when he played High School Football?
  10. What is Paul Jr's Wife's Name? (pretty easy one here lol)
  11. What is Paul Jr's Favorite Band?
  12. what company was PJD's first client to get a Bike?
  13. when the lawsuit was settled, which Bike did Paul Jr get possession of in the settlement, from OCC?
  14. What Brand of Sunglasses does Paul Jr. wear on a regular basis?
  15. what is Paul Jr's Favorite Movie?
  16. Who is Paul Jr's Favorite Super-Hero?
  17. Where was Paul Jr. when the 9/11 Attacks happened?
  18. besides Montgomery, New York... Where else does Paul Jr currently have a home?
  19. what are Paul Jr's 2 Dogs Names?
  20. for what famous Video Game franchise did PJD build a Bike for in 2011?
  21. when Paul Jr. started PJD, who was his first new hire?
  22. Paul Jr./PJD recently released PJD t-shirts to a famous Retail Store across the country. Where were these shirts released?
  23. what is Paul Jr & Rachael's Wedding Date?
  24. True or False, Paul Jr. quit smoking?!
  25. on what recent Bike did Paul Jr. have Brendon change the gas tank on?
  26. What is Paul Jr's Birthdate?
  27. True or False, the current PJD Shop is located right next door to the original OCC Shop
  28. Which of these Bikes did Paul Jr. let Vinnie ride out for the Unveil?
  29. How many Bikes has PJD Built so far? (not counting the Giveaway Bikes)
  30. which of these Bikes does Paul Jr. currently not have in his possession at PJD?
  31. what was the name given to the Spider that Mikey bought for Paulie during the Anti-Venom Bike project?
  32. What brand/make of car did Paul Jr and PJD recently customize and unveil at Daytona Bike Week in March 2012?
  33. what is Paul Jr's Sister's Name?
  34. what year did Paul Jr. get fired from OCC?
  35. What does the 777 mean that Jr uses on his Bikes and t-shirts?
  36. How many victories does Paul Jr. have over Paul Sr. in Build-Off's?
  37. True or False, Paul Jr. is undefeated against Paul Sr in Build-Off competitions?
  38. What idiot employee did Paul Jr. have to fire from PJD in 2010?
  39. which of these companies has PJD not built a bike for?
  40. What is the date that Paul Jr. Won the Build-Off last year against OCC and Jesse James?
  41. A Matter of opinion question here... (Will PJD win the Build-Off again this year?)
  42. Opinion related question here... Will Paul Jr. get his own TV Show?

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