How much do you know about Horses?

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This quiz is really just common trivia about horses. I was inspired to create this quiz because I wanted to give horse-loving people a brain workout. Careful, the third question is a bit hard!

Do YOU think you can answer your way to the Ultimate Horse Lover title? Are you just an quiz-surfer who has nothing better to do than try to crack quizzes all day? Or are you a true horse-person, born and bred? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Alexandra
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  1. Which discipline uses a double bridle?
  2. Some of the common markings on horses are: a blaze, a star, a sock, and a......
  3. Do horses eat hay or straw?
  4. A frog is part of a horse's hoof.
  5. Black Beauty was a(n).....
  6. What does a curry comb do?
  7. What is colic?
  8. What is one of the harshest bits in the world?
  9. A farrier does what with horses?
  10. Did you enjoy the quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Horses?