Which Starstable horse suits you?

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This quiz is for Starstable players. I want to add more horses over time, but for now I have some popular newer generation 3 horses! From Ponies to drafts, You can find a dream horse!

All of the horses listed are based on Starstable Player's opinions. I know some people wont be happy with their results, but feel free to retake the quiz! Enjoy the quiz, and have fun! Don't take this too seriously.

Created by: Morgan Lionstone of My Instagram Account!
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  1. Are you Lifetime Star Rider?
  2. What is your Home Stable?
  3. How many horses do you own?
  4. Do you like Ponies?
  5. What discipline do you ride? (In game)
  6. What coats do you like best?
  7. Do you ride in real life?
  8. What's your favorite animal?
  9. (This will not effect your answer) Do you like starstable?
  10. (This will not effect your answer) Do you like the generation 3 horses?

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Quiz topic: Which Starstable horse suits me?