what race horse are you?

love horses? how about race horses? yep thats right race horses. what? don't know what a race horse is? well its a horse that gallops around a track racing other horses

do you ever wonder if you could be a famus race horse? well heres your chance. choose your anwsers wisly and find uot what famus race horse YOU are. oh yah

Created by: J.M.P

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  1. you are taking a friend's horse on a trail ride when the horse bucks you off you
  2. you are walking in a field when you see a horse galloping around you
  3. you are invited to a friend's birthday party but your horse is sick you
  4. you would rather
  5. you are riding a horse in a race when suddenly it throws you in the middle of the track with the other horses coming strait for you. what do you do?
  6. you see a pile of apples you
  7. if you had a choice to either own a horse become a jockey or eat a cookie?
  8. you are trying out the new cross country course but win the big jump comes you horse stops nearly throwing you off you?
  9. you are walking on a beach when a dog jumps up at you. what do you do
  10. you see an injurd horse in a pasture you?
  11. if you got to be a horse for a week what color would you hope to be
  12. you mare gave birth to identical twin bay colts you name them
  13. you are looking to buy a horse you want a horse that is the color?

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Quiz topic: What race horse am I?