Which Middle-Earth Race do you Most Resemble?

This quiz will tell you which race of Middle-Earth (Arda, the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien) you resemble the most - both physically and personality wise. I have tried to make this as accurate as possible.

Of course there are very few people who fit perfectly into one race or another, so you very well may be an even mix of two or more. However, this quiz will hopefully tell you which you would fit into the best. Remember-the harder you think and the more honest you are, the more accurate the results will be. I will not tell you beforehand which races there are listed, so it will not bias your answers. Have fun!

Created by: I am Cow
  1. First off, why do you like Lord of the Rings?
  2. At a party, you are most likely to be found
  3. Which colors do you feel represent yourself the most?
  4. What do you tend to fear (1)?
  5. What would you fear the most (2)?
  6. Are you very trusting?
  7. If these were the only jobs on earth, which set would you most likely go into?
  8. People may describe you as
  9. Your sense of humor
  10. You are generally
  11. When someone puts down your heritage or country, you
  12. Would you consider yourself
  13. If you have found someone to be a very good and worthy friend, and they are in trouble, would you stand by them even if it may mean harm to yourself? ---be honest
  14. If your country was in a great war, and you were drafted, you would
  15. How connected to nature are you?
  16. How much do you value home?
  17. How in the know are you about world issues?
  18. If you were one of these animals, which would you be? Think hard
  19. Another country needs your country's help desperately, you
  20. Where would you rather take a trip?
  21. Which names do you prefer? (No bias- choose names you like because of the NAMES, not what people they are attached to.
  22. Are you easily corrupted/tempted with power?
  23. What kind of work do you prefer?
  24. Can you stay on a single task?
  25. Would people consider you lazy or hardworking?
  26. When encountering a problem, you
  27. You value above all else
  28. You see something bright flashing in a tall tree. You
  29. You would prefer to take a stroll in
  30. People would most likely describe you as having a

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Quiz topic: Which Middle-Earth Race do I Most Resemble?