How Gondorian are you?

Gondor is a fortified kingdom at the southern point of Middle-earth. It is home to many such figures as Boromir,the captain ramir,prince of Ithilien,Imrahil,prince of Dol Amroth and Beregond,the captain of the Grey Company.

Gondorians are not a bad race. Are you a Gondorian? Or are you rather an inhabitant of a different location on Middle-earth. Take this quiz to find out where you belong in Tolkien's legendarium.

Created by: evan
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  1. Does your state flag have white,silver or black on it?
  2. Which of these classic LOTR lines do you like best?
  3. Do you have a suit of armor or a sword?
  4. Do you know what Isildur's Bane is?
  5. Complete this sentence: The walls of Minas Tirith are_
  6. Do you hate Mordor?
  7. Which resteraunt do you think is best?
  8. Finish this poem: Seek the_
  9. If you answered "Suck it,Sauron" or "No,but I don't particularly support Sauron" to question 8,then how much do you hate them?
  10. Woof?
  11. Which name is correct?

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Quiz topic: How Gondorian am I?