How well do you know prince of persia ?

The game Prince of Persia is a popular game which quite every gamer has played. It became really popular after it's trilogy was released by Ubisoft. Many people play this game but there are only a few persons who can call themselves die hard prince of Persia fans who know everything about it.

So you are taking this quiz because you think you are true die hard fan of prince of well you may be or may be not that is up to time to tell but if can score above 60% in this quiz there is nothing wrong in calling yourself a true die hard prince of Persia fan but it won't be that easy.

Created by: Barney Stinson
  1. Which is first installment of the prince of persia trilogy ?
  2. With whom does the prince fights in Two Thrones ?
  3. What sword does the Prince finds in two thrones ?
  4. Is there any way to increase the overall life of the prince ?
  5. Which creature does the prince become in Warrior Within ?
  6. Which installment of prince of persia has chariot racing in it ?
  7. What special skill does the prince acquire in Two Thrones ?
  8. Which city does the prince attacks in Sands of Time ?
  9. Who is Prince's main love interest in the Sands of Time trilogy ?
  10. What is the name of prince's father ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know prince of persia ?