How well do you know Prince Caspian? Really well? ;)

Have you watched Prince Caspian? If so, do you remember it? Do you think you can take a quiz on it? Well, if you think you can, be prepared to be challenged!

Do you have what it takes to complete the ULTIMATE Prince Caspian test? After you have taken it, you will definitely be wiser than you were before! So go ahead and be brave! You might surprise yourself at how much you know.

Created by: King Peter
  1. What is Caspian's Aunt's name?
  2. How long had it been since the four Pevensies had been to Narnia in our time?
  3. What number was Prince Caspian?
  4. Finish this line: "Whether this horn is magical or not, it..."
  5. What is the name of the minotoar that was killed while holding up the gate at the night raid?
  6. When Caspian is woken by his tutor at the beginning, what does he say?
  7. What does Susan tell the geeky boy her name is?
  8. In the duel with Miraz, Peter's shoulder was dislocated. Which shoulder was it?
  9. When does Aslan come?
  10. Why does Edmund's torch become faulty?
  11. Who directed the movie?
  12. Who killed Miraz?
  13. Who played Edmund Pevensie?
  14. How did Miraz die?
  15. The Pevensies nicknamed Trumpkin DLF. What does DLF stand for?
  16. When Lucy is attacked by the wild bear, who kills it?
  17. Who does Lucy give drops of the cordial to?
  18. What does it say on Peter's sword? "When Aslan comes..."
  19. How many men did General Glozelle say he lost when the Narnians sole weapons?
  20. How many songs play during the length of the credits?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Prince Caspian? Really well? ;)