Prince Caspian Movie Quiz

Few people truly know the story of Prince Caspian, and now you have the oppurtunity to prove to the world that you do know plenty about the second Narnia movie!!!

Now's your chance! Show us what you've got! Answer all 10 questions and get you final percentage of how well you understand the Prince Caspian movie storyline.

Created by: Trufflehunter
  1. Which Pevensie does not go to Miraz's Castle during the Night Raid?
  2. Who kills Miraz after the duel?
  3. What does Susan tell "the nerd" her name is at the beginning of the movie?
  4. What two creatures along with Nikabrik summon the White Witch?
  5. Trufflehunter is a..
  6. How many mice does Reepicheep have under his command? (Excluding Reepicheep)
  7. How many of Glenstorm's sons are killed during the Night Raid?
  8. What is the name of the creek the Pevensies and Trumpkin travel down in their boat?
  9. What creature proposes to throw nuts at the Telemarines during the planning in Aslan's How?
  10. How many kings in reign have their been that were named 'Caspian'?

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